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Our plant-based meals are built on organic fruits + vegetables, designed to be delicious and meet your needs. If you’re hungry for a change, let’s go.
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Better food. Better you.

Our chefs turn sustainably-sourced fruits + vegetables into frozen, practically prepless meals that span from breakfast to late-night snacks, solo dinners to family get-togethers.

Ready-to-blend smoothies built on sustainably sourced fruits + vegetables: cult favorites for a reason.

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Nutrient-dense harvest bowls are filled with a wild variety of sustainably sourced vegetables and delicious flavors and so, so easy to prepare.

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Gluten-free, dairy-free, and packed with vegetables, our pastas are nutrient-dense dishes designed to be shared…or not.

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Our grains—bright with vegetables, hearty with legumes, spicy with…spices—provide balance to any meal (also great solo, FYI).

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Our breakfast bowls can satisfy just about any a.m. craving with the superfoods and satiating combos you need to get going.

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Our naturally sweet, USDA-certified organic Pops are made from real fruits and vegetables with no added sugar, dairy, nuts, or gluten.

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Our soups are endlessly adaptable, incredibly comforting nutritional powerhouses.

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These portable superfoods are ready to meet any craving—from a satisfying, energizing snack to a just-right dessert.

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Our flatbreads are built on vegetable-packed, gluten-free bases and finished with the most delicious sauce and topping combinations this side of Italy.

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Why people love Daily Harvest

we love them right back

“I love the freshness and quality of the ingredients. It’s just so convenient as a working mom to have food that I’m excited about and my kid will also eat.”

— Patty K.

“Easy and delicious. Adds variety to my diet that I would never be able to add myself. Helped make eating more plants easy!”

— M.G.

“My body feels great when I know I am nourishing it with organic fruits and vegetables. Daily Harvest makes it extremely convenient and tasty to help me get the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables!”

— Monica V.

“I look in the mirror and feel good. I like what I see and I’m more confident that eating healthy foods is really what I want for myself.”

— Linda F.

“I look great naked.”

— Sarah B.